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Battery Safety

Battery Safety

The technology in vaping has grown many folds. We have moved on from mechanical to much safer regulated Mods. These mods have temperature control in them, and can regulate battery safety. Gone are those days where we had issues with the devices exploding, and the risks of the batteries along with them. However, there are still precautions that we need to take while handling devices. 

Things to Notice: 

Ever since the advancement in the mods, the incidents have been extremely low, and the ones that we had was majorly due to poor handling of the devices. It’s anyways an electronic product, that can be risky, provided we do not take care of the device the way it’s supposed to be taken. There’s always pros and cons, and there are always ways to handle and respect one’s own device. 

Before we learn about battery handling, it’s also important to know about the types of devices. 

  1. Regulate Mods: If you are a new vaper, or an intermediate one, then this is your option. The battery inside is regulated, as to the power drawn from the battery is controlled by a small chip which is inside the device. It controls the overall amount of electric charge that is being released to the coils, and then fluctuates according to the battery percentage left. it also auto shuts down the device in event of overheating.
  2. Mechanical Mods: These are the devices that are used by seasoned vapers. They know in and out about their devices and know how to controls every aspect of the device. These are usually very experienced vapers, and they have spent good enough time experimenting and learning about the technology related to vape devices. Mechanical mods have to auto control, the energy withdrawn from the battery is always same, and if not aware, it results in overheating of the device and the battery. 


Regulated mods come with two different type of batteries: 

  1. Disposable: These are the batteries that are usually connected to the device, and not easily replaceable. They are in the device, and are sealed into the device. 
  2. Removable battery: These are the batteries that are like the batteries that we use in our regular daily lives, and can be easily removed and replaced. 

Battery safety, what to do and what not to do stay safe. 

Safety with Disposable battery: 

  1. Handling Mod with care: It’s a device, and needs to be handled with love and care. If you see any leaks or any abnormal battery behavior, then it has to be recycled immediately.
  2. Cutting: In the event of battery not charging, or that curios you, please do not try to cut or experiment with the battery safety. It can lead to much more harm than good. 
  3. Coils: Using the correct coil is extremely important. These batteries were placed inside after a lot of technological research, and the coils that come are built especially keeping the battery and wattage in mind. Using incorrect coils may result in incorrect temperature being drawn and can cause harm to the device and risk your own safety. 
  4. Storage: It’s electronic, and it’s fully capable of burning stuff, especially inflammable. So please keep it away from the flammable objects, and if possible, remove the tank before you sleep. 
  5. Overcharging: This is common sense, which is true for all devices handles with rechargeable batteries. Be it computers or Vape Mod. Overcharging leads to overheating, and reduces the life of battery. 
  6. Recycling: There’s not much science to know that the battery is dead, and when the batteries die, they have to be recycled properly, as they still have all that chemicals in them. 


Safety with Removable battery

  1. Amp of the battery: Never exceed the amp of the battery. A fundamental rule of battery safety. Take the discharge rate (the amps) of your battery, then divide your voltage level by coil resistance (ohms) and make sure you never exceed your battery’s amp rating. We go into this in more detail in the section about Ohm’s Law below as this is a vital step in vaping safely with non-internal batteries.
  2. Checking how the Mod is charging the battery: Some box mods offer pass through charging, where you can use your device while simultaneously charging via USB. However, some mods use the mini USB port solely for hardware updates meaning the batteries must be removed and recharged using an external charger. Make sure you know how your mod works, or you could be in for a very long wait.
  3. Correct Batteries: It’s another factor that makes it different from the inbuilt devices. There’s some research that is necessary to know what battery can your device handle well, and perform well. 
  4. Quality: We all know that buy good once, and stay happy for longer. getting a good quality battery is good not just for your own safety, but also for the longevity of the device as well. 

It matters a lot when we take proper care of our device, and even the smallest of the mods can be fatal if not take care properly. 



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