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The Best Vaping Mod Kits And Why Should You Switch To Them From Vaping Pens

Vaping mod kits are a different class from vape pens. Do you know vape mod kits blow out glorious vapors than vape pens? Let’s take a sneak peek and learn more about them before proceeding to find your best match.

The benefits of choosing vape mod kit over vape pens are:

  • Unlimited ability to customize your vaping experience as you can buy different tanks, batteries, atomizers, etc.
  • Bigger batteries, bigger clouds and more vapors to inhale each time.
  • They have features like temperature control, variable voltage, touch screen technology and a lot more!

Sounds exciting?

Yes! But, which one do I choose? Read on to find your answers.

It is not an easy task to browse a lot of vaping mod kits and arrive at a conclusion for what to buy at the end. Right? We have done the work for you! Scroll down to find your best match from the best-selling vape mod kits from GetMyVape.


Inside the kit: Alien 220 Mod, TFV8 Baby Tank, Pre-installed V8 Baby-Q2 Core (0.4O dual coils), V8 Baby-T8 Core (0.15O octuple coils), USB Cable for Charging/Upgrading, Replacement Glass Tube, Spare Parts and User Manual.

This kit pushes the boundaries of size limitations for dual 18650 devices. Ergonomic and visually appealing, this kit is a high-quality device with a temperature controller and TFV8 Baby Tank. The material used is stainless steel and the product has an e-juice capacity of 3 ml which flexes impressive muscles despite its less size. The device can be charged via a MicroUSB port on the front.

SMOK G PRIV 220W TC Touch Screen Box Mod

Inside the kit: Alien 220 Mod, TFV8 Big Baby Tank, G-Priv 220 Box Mod , Preinstalled V8-X4 Coil Head, Replacement V8-T6 Coil Head, Replacement Glass Tube, Spare Parts and Instructional Manual.

This performance-oriented device has touch-screen functionality with visual experience. With easy to read graphical GUI, it has the most advanced display up to date. Not just this, it has shatter-resistance glass and screen-lock button. It has a temperature control with a battery door which is lightweight yet durable. The premier sub-ohm tank TVF8 Big Baby sub-ohm tank gives a high performance.  It gives a striking feature between power and design, given its specifications.


Inside the kit: Predator 228 Mod, Elabo Sub Ohm Vape Tank, Triple 0.2O Head, NS Triple 0.25O Head, QC Micro USB Cable, User Manuals and Warning Card.

It is compact dual 18650 mod that saves you with hassles of charging for long, large OLED display, ergonomic size, and more. With an ergonomic fire experience and charging in no time, it a great steal at such a price. The predator has a Balance Charge technology which brings you the safest method by charging both the batteries equally. A feature called Reverse Charging capability will serve as a power bank to charge external devices using the micro USB port of the device. Easy retractable tank filling (Elabo tank) is another reason for you to buy this product. The airflow holes will help you adjust your perfect settings from tight to wide open and airy.

Did you switch to vaping mod kits from vaping pens? Share us your experiences in the comments section below.


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