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E-Cigarette Market Gaining Steam in India

E-cigarettes in India

People around the globe are fully aware of the adverse side effects of smoking but they do it anyway only because they are gravely addicted to it. No matter how hard they try to get rid of this habit, it is quite difficult for them to do so. But this sorrow is not here to stay as e-cigarettes have entered the Indian market as well. E-cigarettes India is an effective solution to quit or reduce the habit of smoking. E-cigarette is basically an electronic device which comes in the shape of a cigarette and is filled with e-liquids which are tobacco free. The device produces vapors instead of smoke which can be inhaled and causes less harm than smoking.

Of late, e-cigarettes have been gaining immense popularity in India as well as more and more number of people are becoming aware of this technology. India is home to billions of smokers and ranks second in the world in terms of smokers as it is the third largest producer of tobacco. With this huge number, the success of e-cigarettes in India is inevitable. There has been a decline in the sales of cigarettes as people have become more conscious and the taxes imposed on the sale of regular cigarettes has increased. This paves a way for the entry on e-cigarettes in India as people feel the urge to smoke and they can vape instead of smoking.

Even though the entire country is not fully aware of vaping, a gradual shift has been seen from the traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Even many tobacco companies have shown interests in e-cigarettes and e-liquids in India as they see a potential in this market. They are seen promoting the device and propagate its use. There are many online vape shops in India that sell vaporizers and e-cigarettes. One can even get access to them by visiting the vaping stores in India. Companies like ITC, Golden Tobacco, BAT etc have leading stakes of tobacco in India and are seen adopting the trend of vaping. The increasing trend has lead to an increase in the sales of e-cigarettes and revenues for the online vape shops in India has increased.

Even though e-cigarettes may not be completely harmless, yet they are a healthier alternative to the regular cigarettes. They do not cause fatal diseases which are otherwise common consequences of smoking as it contains tobacco. Teenagers who are attracted towards smoking also find e-cigarettes more fascinating, mainly because it doesn’t cause extreme harm. This way less Indians are at a threat of having cancer. The e-cigarettes come with a starter kit which is priced higher than the traditional cigarettes but is still a better option to go for. The major step now is to bring greater awareness about e-cigarettes in India so that more lives can be saved.


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