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Juul, a revolution in E-Cigarettes

Juul a revolution in E-Cigarettes

Juul a revolution in E-Cigarettes. There was a time when we needed a cigarette, and then match box / lighter. Unmatched pair, goes incomplete without each other. Every time we wanted to smoke, we had to use other one to light up and then drag. 

Then someone studied a little bit, and came up with a little complex solution. They made devices, cute ones, that had to be filled with liquids and then we had lot of flavors and lots and lots of clouds. but that too was a little cumbersome. leakage issues, lots of clouds, then people considering us aliens for vaping on road and on public places. Though we were satisfied, as vaping helped get rid of all that smell and bad feelings and stuff, but somewhere, there was a space to do something more. 

That need to something more gave birth to Juul. It revolutionized e-cigarettes completely. A small handy device, that gets connected to the computer so easy and gets charged, no leakage issues, and small like a usb device. Yet, packs a punch. Giving 5% nicotine hit with each delivery, it simply changed or revolutionized the E-Cigarette industry. 

Juul became a style icon in itself, so much so that it gave birth to a new term, “Juuling”. With its sleek design, it’s easy to handle device, there’s no tensions of setting up anything. The best part of the device is that there’s no settings at all. Now no more thinking, just take the device and drag and enjoy the flavors. 

The result of style icon, the company, from nothing about 3 years back, is now worth $38 Billion and now controls about 75% of the overall US market. In the short 3-year period 2015–2017, JUUL has transformed from a little-known brand with minimum sales into the largest retail e-cigarette brand in the USA, lifting sales of the entire e-cigarette category. Its US$150 million retail sales in the last quarter of 2017 accounted for about 40% of e-cigarette retail market share. 


Sales dollar of e-cigarettes in Nielsen-tracked retail channels: by brand 2011–2017.


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