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MTL Tanks and everything about them

MTL Pod devices

If you are new to Vaping, and not really sure what these terminologies are, then don’t worry. We will explain everything about them. 

MTL (Mouth to Lung) devices are somewhat designed to give you an experience more or less like smoking cigarettes. Just like cigarettes, you take the device, you take a small drag in your mouth and then inhale. 

MTL Pod devices give you almost the same experience like cigarettes. The same inhale, but the difference is in the smell, taste and the experience. There’s no foul smell, there’s no bad taste, there’s no after taste once you are done vaping. 

So, if you are someone who really wants to quit smoking cigarettes, and are determined, then MTL can be your first step. You can start reducing the number of cigarettes by replacing them with MTL devices and then slowly progressing to not smoking at all. 

With ever emerging and evolving markets, and with the invent of new devices like Juul, the market for MTL devices has started exploding. There’s now many more flavor options available, and there’s also ways in which you can refill the devices with Nic Salts. Previously the costly options are quickly being replaced with much cheaper ones and at times, better ones. 

The MTL devices: 

There’s a whole lot of devices available with us these days. Below are a few: 

                 Geek Vape Flint AIO                                                                          Smok Nord


                         SOL                                                                                                  Juul


                                                                          Vaporesso Renova

We also have replacement coils for the devices, and so you don’t have to worry about exhausting your vapes and then sitting quiet. 

Why use MTL Tanks

MTL tanks/Devices come with their own set of advantages. We will try to list a few

1: Size: There’s no doubt about the ease of access that you have with your MTL device. They are small, cute, easy to carry and easy to refill. There isn’t a whole lot of moving parts, just simple plain device. 

2: E-Liquid Consumption: MTL devices do not burn as much as DL devices do. The reason being parts that make the tank up are always smaller than that of an airier tank. Smaller parts, smaller coils mean lower consumption of E-Liquids. 

3: Less Leakage: There’s very little to no leakage issues with MTL vaping. 


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In the course of 5 years, we helped countless quit cigarettes and change their lives for better. This journey is filled with memories of those who were able to quit and wishes and happiness from their family members.

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We are putting our website on hold as Honorable Government has just passed ordinance thereby making vapes illegal in India. We are trying to find out our next course of action, but till then, we are sorry to be unable to help you any further.

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