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Navratri Festival Discount Offer 50% OFF

Navratri Festival

Navratri Sale is here finally. The much awaited sales for E-Liquids on Get My Vape. The sales start from today, which is 10th of October, and would end on 19th October 2018.

The discount is on selected products, and is Upto 50% of the retail value. We offer you opportunity to stock up your e-liquid closets and fill up the stocks, as the prices are unmatched.

The discount bonanza is good for complete Navratri, starting from October 10th till October 19th 2018. Navratri festival discount offer is valid on the brands mentioned below:









Trump IT (120 ml)
Trump IT (60 ml)
Trump IT (30 ml)
Guilty Pleasure (60ml)
Chubby Wonr Un (60ml)
Fruit Loop (120ml)
Bad Drip
Mad Hatter
Mad Rabbit

These brands need no introduction, and with the discounts, it would be so awesome for you to stock up till the next discounts.

The discount is not specific to any flavor, it’s on brand, so any flavor, related to the brands mentioned above would have these discounts.

We wish all a Very Happy Navratri Festival, and Vape on with the discounts being offered by GetMyVape.


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