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No 71 By Beard E Liquid

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Sweet & Sour Sugar Peach

70% VG

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No 71 By Beard E Liquid: We love this vape and if you are anything like us and love a good sweet fruity flavor, you’re going to love this stuff. It is so fire. If you can remember those peachy O-rings that we used to eat as kids, (I’m sure the kids are still eating them) you will be transported to that taste and flavor. It is spot on sour peach rings, making No.71 is an absolutely delicious e-liquid.

The bottles, themselves, are dark amber so light won’t damage the liquid, and the labels are a textured, woven label that is simple, yet sophisticated. It’s a good looking bottle.

70% VG


Beard Vape

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5 Years, countless memories.

In the course of 5 years, we helped countless quit cigarettes and change their lives for better. This journey is filled with memories of those who were able to quit and wishes and happiness from their family members.

However, this journey has come to halt, and we do not know for how long. It’s sad, as we were honest. To the Government and to you as customers. To Government by fulfilling our tax duties and to you by giving you only the best.

We are putting our website on hold as Honorable Government has just passed ordinance thereby making vapes illegal in India. We are trying to find out our next course of action, but till then, we are sorry to be unable to help you any further.

Please, do stay in touch. We were a small family together and we would be really happy if you called and said hello.