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Getmyvape offers 15-days return facility for the customers. As per our return policy, you can return any product in this specified time from the date of billing. We DONOT ACCEPT cash on delivery while returning. Also, we DONOT ACCEPT third party bills of returned merchandise.

If any case, you received wrong or damaged product then please call the customer care number mentioned on this site immediately to claim the correct product or get your money back timely.

Following are the conditions for the refunds:

To claim the refund, you need to call our Customer Care number mentioned on this site within 15 days’ period.
Request for refunds after 15 days will not be considered for refund so please raise the refund request timely.
Only the unopened product which can be re-stocked is liable for refund.
We do not consider e-liquids, opened tanks as well as atomizers for the refunds as they have sensitive design built and we need to follow many safety measure while handling them.
When you call our Customer care and raise a request for return then the customer executive will provide you one unique number called as RMA (Return Merchandize Authorization) which is required when to return your product. When you post the product for return then you need to mention the RMA on the front of the package clearly. If we are unable to find the RMA on the package, then that package will be considered as disqualified by our team.

Returns will be sent to:
If the package we receive is marked as “Return to Sender” or “Refused” or has any such mark then that will not be considered for return by our team. We will not be going to accept these kind of packages and will not issue any refund against these types of packages. Also, the RMA number is very important for getting the refunds. We will keep the proof of shipment as a record or for any misfortunate future situation. Once, we receive the package with accurate RMA number, we will issue the refund to the credit card used at the time of payment while purchasing the product.

After receiving the package accurately, our team will analyze the returned product and after that the refund will be issued. This whole process will take at least 5-10 business days. The payment reception in your account depends on the bank you use for the payment, there might be a possibility that after processing the refund from our end it might reach your account in one billing cycle period.

GETMYVAPE will not provide any shipping or handling charges for the returns.

Note: We will not provide pre-paid returns on the purchased product so the return can be made using USPS first class mail or by flat rate priority padded envelope. Once, the team will analyze the product for manufacturing defect then the shipping charges will also be refunded back to your account.