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Vape Coils, Wires, Everything That You Need to Know About Them

Vape Coils, Wires, Everything that You Need to Know about Them

Vape Coils, wires, everything that you need to know about them This stuff is a little scientific. A little technical, and a little interesting for those who want to experiment around vape. Plus, it’s very interesting.
Interesting in the sense that it defines, the actual wires define your entire vaping experience. So, this is something that you will have to learn, any which ways, to keep on vaping, and to keep on experimenting, and to keep
on getting amazing flavors.

We will try to make it short, simple, and as easy as possible; however, we would also love it if you could tell us if there are ways in which we can make it better. The next time, just Google vape coils India, and get the coils,
and you would be able to get them configured for your vaporizer coil.

Wire gauge, resistance, and ramp time

1. Kanthal: The most common type of wire majorly used in pre-made coils.
2. Nichrome: It’s again common, and works in temperature control mode, but is the favorite among the mechanical mods guys.
3. Stainless Steel: Superman stuff, yeah man. Can be used in all types. Super strong, super durable.
4. Nickel: Again common, and is used in devices that are temperature controlled.
5. Titanium: Very easy to work with, but still being researched on. There are questions regarding the safety of this type of wire.

Wire gauge is basically the thickness of the wire. So the thicker the wire, the more the resistance, and the lesser the ramp time. The actual diameter isn’t really important. What matters is that as the wire gauge number
increases, the wire diameter gets smaller. So, 26 gauge wires are thinner than 24 gauges but fatter than 28 gauges. Common gauges of vaping wire from smallest to largest diameter are: 32, 30, 28, 26, 24, and 22. There are
others of course, even odd number sizes.

Ramp time is actually the time it takes for the wire to heat up enough to be able to vaporize the e-liquid when we fire up the mod. The quicker the better, eh. The best part, these vape coil prices are cheap.

Temperature control:
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR); These are the type of wires that are majorly picked up by the TC control mods because of their characteristics, and this helps define the total amount of electricity, and the
control over it while vaping. To keep our beautiful faces safe.

The TCR of the vaping wire is the increase in resistance of the wire as temperature increases. The mod knows the cold resistance of your coil, and the material you are using. The mod is also smart enough to know that
when your coil rises to a certain resistance (as temperature rises) that the coil is too hot, and it reduces the current to your coil as required preventing burning.

Advantages and disadvantages of particular type of wire:
1. Kanthal:
(1). Inexpensive
(2). Variable wattage
(3). Easy to work
(4). Availability
(5). Ability to hold shape

Product Example: E-Leaf Coils, Smok Alien Coils

2. Nichrome
(1). Faster ramp time
(2). Easy to work
(3). Ability to hold shape

3. Stainless Steel
(1). Faster ramp time.
(2). Easy to work
(3). Ability to hold shape

4. Nickel
(1). Does Temperature control
(2). Easy to find locally

5. Titanium
(1). Does temperature control

1. Kanthal
(1). Not compatible with temperature control

2. Nichrome
(1). Nickel Content
(2). Lower melting point
(3). Hard to find locally

3. stainless steel
(1). Nickel content

4. Nickel
(1). Hard to form
(2). Does not hold shape
(3). Nickel content

5. Titanium
(1). Can be toxic
(2). Fire risk
(3). Maybe hard to find locally.

The thing that matters the most is the safety, and you. Regardless of what type of wire you use, you have to know how to use them. There are certain guides, and there are tons of knowledge videos available online that has
the material you would need to know about these wires. The aim is to have fun while vaping. The aim is to enjoy vape. You control the vape, whatever experience you want, you control it.


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