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Ways to keep your tank clean, avoid leaks

Ways to keep your tank clean, avoid leaks
There could probably be nothing more irritating than a leaking tank, regardless of situation, of the time. It’s a pure agony whenever we see the tanks oozing out the precious e-liquid. We all know that it happens, and we bet each and every vaper goes through this phase in their vaping lives.

But the big question is, are there ways to fix it?

The answer is “Yes”. There are two ways in which we can fix it.

The steps mentioned below.





1. The position in which we keep our tanks:- There are a lot of times when we forget, and just keep the tank in vertical position, whereas not all tanks are built to handle and can start leaking. It’s very important to understand the nature of your tank, and then keeping it the way it naturally should be.

2.Checking the seals:- One thing that makes vaping so special is the flavor. We have the ability to change the flavors and can enjoy a wide variety of options available in the market. We often clean our tanks, and then switch flavors. But lot of times, a big reason behind a leaking tank can be improper closing of the tank. We really have to ensure that the tank is closed properly.

3. Filling up the tank properly:-  The major reason behind leaks. Any vape tank has a central airflow, and most of the times, while filling up the tank, we accidentally put some juice in that dental cavity, leading to gargling, spitting and leaks.

4.Closing the airflow while filling the tank:-  Vape tanks that store e-liquids keep the juice in because of a vacuum that gets created within the tank. It’s very important to maintain that vacuum. Whenever we are filling the tube, or refilling the tube, we have to ensure that we close the airflow, so that the vacuum integrity is maintained.

5. O rings:-  The existence of O rings is there to maintain the pressure and vacuum inside the tanks. There are a lot of times when the O’rings have worn out, or have simply become too old. Even in the new tanks, checking if the O’Ring is fit in properly can be a solution.

6.Looking for the cracks:- cracks could be one possible reason why the tanks leak. If after trying all possible solutions, you are unable to stop the leak, it’s advisable to look for possible cracks.

7.Coil Problems:- Lastly, when all the possible resorts have gone south, then change the coil. A lot of times it’s the coil that is the culprit. We have seen instances of tanks leaking liquids even while sitting idle, and the issue was resolved by changing the coils.


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